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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

Amazing! i love the artstyle so much! Im an artist and i just got an inspiration for my own story from this.

game is broken 2020, tapes wont show

the mouse tracking is all off i cant play like that

SPOILER ……... I just got attached to rabbit and you killed him off but it is a good game


Go into the city

Pick up the brick (For Brawn) OR click on the drain for a penny (For Brain)

Use the brick (Brawn) OR the penny (Brain) on the control panel

Enter and click the answering machine. Listen to messages

call both numbers

Go further into town

Click on the pipe, turn right, and use it on the bodyguard, then toss it in the trash (Brawn) OR
turn left, give the guy a penny, then go to the right and use the mushroom on the drink. Go to another screen, then back to the bodyguard (Brain)

Enter the club and enter the kitchen (left)

Click the thermostat and turn up the heat to 90

Go to the bathroom (club, then right) and call the number on the mirror

Go back to the kitchen and click on the bottom part of the slots

Select 1 to 1 odds

Play the slots

Go to the bathroom

Click the stalls and enter the third one

Click the door, then go left and take the message

Go to the right (elevator) and take the message

Go back to the club. There should be a tape somewhere in the main room

Go to the alley and click on the dumpster. Tape two

Go to the guy across from the club entrance and talk to him. Tape three

Go back to the lab in the bathroom

Go left and use each tape on the tv man (no need to watch them all the way through. Just keep
using them unless you want story)

Go to the right twice and take the message

Go back into the washroom, take the message and click the sink
Take the gift

Go back into the lab then take the elevator

Watch the rabbit get shot in the head only for Alice to appear after the credits, having faked her death, and see her kill the "queen" (hey, I never said this was a spoilerless walkthrough :P)

Enter the lab, go left,