Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

I love the game and all but it felt kinda...I want to say pointless, not the right word but it's all I can come up with I mean do all that only to *Ending spoiler omitted* Kinda sucks in my opinion but it's not the worst. I didn't have any lag like other's did but I DID have a hard time seeing some of the items, I am on a laptop though so that's also a thing.

I like the series. It's awesome! However, this game is just....unsatisfying. The plot moves away from what made the series charming in the first place. No more creepy yet jolly 1930's-esque music, it's set in a city, taking the whimsical element out of it. The other games had a feeling of wonder. That's what makes Alice in Wonderland so good for a dark reimagining. It's all about the whimsical, outlandish brand of madness that makes it possible to see how this could be a twisted, dark world if it was only a bit different. Mary Ann gets introduced... only to have no other purpose than to give you the gun at the end. In the second game, it's sorta indicated that the Queen runs a sort of dictatorship. Here, the Queen leads an assassin ring, again taking the whimsy out of it. It also makes no logical sense 'cause if the queen really does control the police, Mary Ann wouldn't need to escape from the jail like the journal says. The reason the Rabbit and the Hatter are captured because the Queen wants to get rid of them. The lag is also super annoying. The art in the ending also seemed a bit subpar and the ending twist seems very rushed and I had to check the wiki to find out what happened. There were also no clues that:


Alice could possibly be alive. The Cheshire Cat also kinda goes nowhere. I like her backstory but... it just seems pointless. Overall, very unsatisfying. I hope that, if it ever comes out, the 4th one will wrap things up better. Still can't give this less than 3 stars, though.

I understood many things about the ending, but it left me with probably even more questions, many more than it should. I can only assume that the redhead is Mary Ann (in episode 2 there is a picture of her). However, what was she doing disguised as Alice? You woke up next to Alice's corpse in episode 1, but it seems like Mary Ann killed Alice. Therefore, Mary Ann is the one who fought the Rabbit? Then she made him lose his memory and it all seemed like the Rabbit defeated Alice? That is what I understand, but when did Mary Ann take Alice's disguise?

The lagging in this one was really bad, but I still managed to get through it. And the ending, even though I expected it to leave me with questions, I didn't think it would leave me without out ANY answers... I guess we never find out anything, huh?

As short as it is, I've loved this series so much. I mean, everything: the story, the music, the dark ambient... If there's something I must complain about, it's the lag, which at times was desperating. But I simply am sad there's no series like this nowadays.