Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

Rating a star is nice already but this game lags too much that I can't even finish the game

You do one thing, and you need a brick to break the lock. You do something else and you don't need the brick. I know it's Wonderland and all, but that doesn't make any sense at all. Also, the story seems really underdeveloped; this is the last chapter in the series and I'm still left with more questions than conclusions. Other than that, the game was all right. Trying to solve all the puzzles and try out different possibilities kept me occupied for a little while.

I came back to play the series after a few years, it's is horribly laggy and the game didn't update to make the videotapes appear so I couldn't finish the game and I wasn't going to go through the lag again to try to get the tapes.

what was I supposed to use the button for? I start with the bell, did you just run out of ideas?

I love the Alice is Dead series but I am very disappointed that the game isn't working. After i read the text from the red queen the whole game freezes and I have to close my browser. I really want to play this game and I am looking forward to an update.