Reviews for "Paper Killer"

good game :o


My Synopsis...

Animation was good, and music was fun, and overall I really liked the game!
Just a few things that need to be cleaned up for the next installment:
Please check your spelling! It really detracts from the game when the spelling is off. Also, run through the game and make sure all of the speech bubbles fit within the frame; there were 1 or 2 times when I couldn't read the whole dialogue, and I didn't know if it was important or not.
This game is really hard, and the walkthrough button led to a site which didn't even have the game on it. I had to google the game to try to find cheats, and that worked a whole lot better. Maybe you should link to one of those sites?4
The last thing would be a few glitches. Sometimes my interactive cursors would disappear and I would be stuck, unable to do anything! If you can fix it, please do!
Can't wait for the next one!