Reviews for "Paper Killer"

I really like it. I hope there is more coming.


Waiting for the next one, congrats Jacob, swietna robota!

FlashGround responds:

Dzi%u0119ki! I'm working hard to get you next chapter soon!


Good concept but way too hard man, as twad said it needs to be logical and have some sort of clues, not a bad effort but i expect to see better next time, there are much better point and click games, this could have easily matched up to the big hitters had you stuck to the rules..

Good, But....

Good game, but I seem to have hit a dead end, when I get to room 130 and open, I can't get in... Tried couple of times but can't get any further...

Require Moon logic and luck

The walkthroug button doesnt work (just lead to a pointless website)

Im got stuck in the basement with a frying pan and a lockpick (that doesnt pick any lock even when i got 3+ locked doors accessible)
THEN i discovered (by blind trial-and-error) the using the frying pan on the grocery list gives a key. Seriously?

Then we find the officer but drama dictates we have to activate the light (telepaticaly) at the other side of the room (when we have a flashlight) to see a dead guy...

..get a CD by smashing.. then what? It doesnt help me in any way. Im still stuck making random guesses.

I gave up on it, the more it went the less sense it made. Seriously, its just frustrating to rely on trial-and-error gameplay to beat it, because the lack of propper logic and lack of clues are just making it way too hard.

Fix the walkthrough button (by having a walkthough)

Cant click on electronic safe on the second floor.

Need sound when we unlock stuff. Keys should give hint at their use, because there are lots of locked stuff and guessing wildly for all of it gets tedious and boring fast.

Check text, it was often too long for the bubble space, so we miss content.

Music usually fits the mood well, with funny oppositions (heroic music in transitions, then creepy music)
Scenery from rpg maker is so-so.
I like the intros with balck/white pictures.