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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

Good concept, bad navigation

I like the concept and how you shoot things, but the navigation needs work, it's hard to tell where you can walk and where you can't and you slide around on some stairs.

Ooh, another shooter game!

This game was good. It really was. But, like most games, it's really just another shooter. The graphics are great, and the idea is good too. I mean, a spider that makes you get put into a nightmare? That would be great! But how come images didn't flash by when I was about to die? My intrest wasn't captivated and I got bored very fast. And, when you get right down to it, it's just another shooter. They're all the same, and I don't have anymore patience for these types of games.

Not bad

But I saw a game like this before, and better done, see Darkbase Incubation. The graphics are bad, compare with Planet Noevo etc... I know you are not guilty of this, flash games sure have difficulties because mostly they are made by players to players.

But.. it's has a cool history, and it is playabe..


as most people said, its very glitchy but its got potential! one glitch i got was when i killed the second narcolyxx it dissapeared then reapeared with full HP


the game as a whole is good but theres a lot that needs to be done to it. its very glitchy. but it is nice to know that no matter what your efforts to defend the base was futile. so good continuation of the story in that sense.