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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"


You should pull it from the site and work the bugs out because it has potential

Nothing special.

It's OK, but it didn't seem particularly innovative, and failed to catch my imagination. It was a little glitchy, but that might be my computer trying to download, play videos, and do this, so maybe not the game's fault.

It was reasonable well drawn and the controls were easy, but really, this sort of game has been done before and, more important, done much better.


Worst graphics, front page??, it doesnt work sometimes, tihis is jut ... FAIL

Front page?

Glitchiest piece of crapola i've eva played


that was really bad, let me make a list of what was wrong.

1.enemies still hurt you when you kill them with power fist
2.you can use the fist to glitch through walls
3.where the hell do you go and what do you do?
4.half the time aliens walk through you and just keep going
5.music was annoying
6.footsteps were really loud and annoying
7.ledges are fucked, your lucky if you can get up them
8.I glitched through a wall because it was the only way I could go there finding a screenshot of you making the game in flash which was weird
9.walking over a dead bug basically stopped you from moving
10.why is this on front page?

sorry dude reallyyyy crappy game.