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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

it could be good if it wasnt unfinished...

it certainly has potential to be a good game, first you need to fix that guy's neck. second you need to improve the environments looks and art because there isnt a real sense of what is a path and what is a wall, especially if you can easily walk through both. third it would be awesome if there was some kind of map that at least tells you where you have been, or at least a feature that allows you to zoom out, or maybe a radar like the one the marines have in Aliens. fourth the game is extremely buged you need to clean it up.

the concept is good and the game has some parts when it is actually fun before becoming umplayable, but it needs polishing, some serious polishing.


i don't know. it was all just bad.



i beat the game.

I beat it in about 5 minutes. I iron fisted through a wall after a narcolyxx battle because I was stuck on a ledge, so I, made a few intuitive turns on the out skirts of the map and wound up at another human who did not believe i was not one of "them". From there I went on to one more fight. That was the last battle. You have to debug this shit. It could be great. Right now, it sucks. Play through it on your own computer and try to pretend you don't know where you are going. Investigate every corner and use the iron fist while your at it because it is clearly more powerful than the pistol. Don't use the laser, it sucks(hehehehee). Nice work on the overall fear factor of the game( though I have to say, the very first creature I was expecting to see was a creature that would jump out, not lazily crawl out after me). The end was NICELY DONE.. I hope you clean this game up so we can actually gain medals from it and play it as it was intended. I would like to rate you higher but right now your GAME IS BROKEN!!!!

too buggy

I don't have much to say other than you really, really should of playtested this before you delivered. It was way too buggy.

I can't want to see a finished verison, though.