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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

ehhh ok

the game had a great idea but ececuted poorly when i was playin it would glitch on me and leave me stuck which is annoyin as hell

prolly sounds like a broken record but....

yeah there are way to many glitcehs in this game like if you smack the bosses onto part of the wall with the fist they get stuck and cant move and the whole jumping through the walls is just dumb i have to agree with an earlier review that it seems like you put forth almost no effort

A good idea, but executed extremely poorly.

Honestly I wanted to like the idea of a psychological thriller kind of flash game but what you've churned out is just...well bad. The idea of the Narcolyxii causing nightmares the closer you get to them is a great idea to build tension but they jsut fall flat. The physics seem to be way off and the game itself is so short I wouldn't even bother playing it ever again.


the best atmosphere in a flashgame i ever felt!

Norcolyxii I?

Glitches, bugs and general shortcomings has been mentioned to death now, but one thing stood about above all for me:

Where is the button to get to play the first game?