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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

i like it but...

i was one of the only people to beat it and after reattatching my button mashing fingers i expected a good sequel.
dont get me wrong its a really good game and im glad you finally posted it, but i think it could use a bit more fine-tuning
you get kudos for putting it out but just make a 2.5 version of it with it a little bit more fine-tuning

Bad glitches

There are wayyyy, and I mean wayyyy! To many glitches, just stand under the mini bosses and your safe. Using the Ion Power Fist knocking them through the wall is a big glitch...You had no effort put into this game.


This game has WAY too many glitches man!

Too glitchy man....

has too many glitches.

It's just...

I just give you five. It was a good idea, good atlosphere, but yeah, too many glitches, and the ending, I coukdn't tell if it was a glitch or the real ending. Work on it and it can be a great game...