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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

I feel like Im right there in the game

because as t he PLAYER I have no idea whats going on. WAY too glitchy.

too buggy

way to buggy. if you use the powerfist on a boss he gets stuck in a wall. and once he's there you cant kill him and just continue on with the game, you have to start all over again. so i tried playing it again and now the boss just doesn't show up at all, not even the hallucination part. game may have been a good idea, but execution was horrible at best. couldn't give it any stars cuz i wouldn't recommend anyone play this game ever.

Its like mw2

loads of fun, but the glitches are gamebreaking


Pretty fun but it needs work

The robot boss is not invincible shoot his arm/guns for a few seconds

Eh, gb2flash

Good idea, horrible execution. You need to make sure people aren't going through walls with the fist, or PUTTING bosses into walls with the fist... Or not having an invincible robot for a boss that is meant to be beaten (I sat there shooting it for 20 minutes, and he wasn't even able to hit me back). First game was fun, but this needs a LOT more work before it's released like this.