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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

O-o That was pretty good! Why're ya all complainin

Alright, now if they'd given ya 7s and the like I could understand... but anyone who can say this game deserves less than that hasn't seen what the rest of newgrounds (The "The rest" that you see after flipping two pages past what's been frontpaged) looks like.
That, and for crying out loud, you had some pretty kick ass audio going on there.
The effects? Insane. The gameplay? Also great.
Personally, you had me playing it CoD style for a while at the beginning. I was totally expecting to turn a corner and come face to face with facerape, so you've got the effect down big time.

Music selection - you sir, are made of win. It was at the tip of perfect given what this game is about, and the way that it is supposed to play.

Graphics - Pretty damn good! You clearly did yer homework, so to speak, and quite well I might add.

Where does your problem currently lie - well, I hate to further support a consensus that I think is hating a bit much on you as far as the ratings (srsly guys? Wtf? Did you enjoy playing the thing or not? Did you like it DESPITE the glitches? If the answer is yes, then show it... cripes.)

It's the same issue you had with Narcoxll I. :) It's yer glitches bud.
Back then it was that you couldn't switch back to the main cannon.
This time, it was the walls, and occasionally an invulnrable enemy!

BY THE WAY, about that guys.
-.- Try switching yer weapon next time... for crying out loud... xD
If you couldn't kill it with the pistol, you could kill it with the fist.
If you couldn't kill it with the pistol or the fist, microwave that sucker.
It works. 100% of the time, one of these works.
So perhaps the creator did include a failsafe of some kind or another.

...As for the rest of you, did you take the time to figure that out?
Well, with these ratings, you can probably guess what I'm going to assume.

About the glitches.
You kinda had to try to go outta the stage guys. Seriously.
No offense, but you pretty much had to get Shoop-Da-Whooped to pull it off.
:P Way to go. Also, as an FYI?
If you can pass through one wall, you can phase back into the level via another.
Just thought I'd let you in on that little bit of information...

Second level - yes, that pathway after that computer screen gig? Yeah. It's bugged. Or is it? Has this game taught you nothing?
It's meant to be a little bit odd!
The way to get around it is to follow the outer wall of the complex WHICH YOU CAN do, because the walls have officially vanished all around you, aside from that one point, which is specifically labeled "WESTERN WALL".
EARTH TO PEOPLE, sorry, but if that's not a hint, I don't know what is.
It's telling you that the walls have left the building in very direct way.
The walls, are gone. Big lettering. :) Need he bolden or italicize too?

I really think he intended for you to walk around. To think outside of the box... and that he was hinting at this? I mean, the flooring levels looked different where you couldn't walk within that box?
Yes. They did. Look again. This may be why you couldn't proceed?
So yep... after the narcoxll poison effect, I'm pretty sure that glitches were not a part of the equation. If you followed that path, while being outside of it, you would still reach the general. Same goes for the second narcoxll.
(But in order to phase through a wall before that, I repeat, Shoop must occur. You'd have to be standing dead still in a corner with 7 spawns and 1 narcoxll all hitting you at the same time, which is nearly impossible to procure. That, or you have to be getting corner screwed by 2 - 3 lieutenants... just punch em!)

So quite simply:
Enemys that appeared invuln weren't. You had to use a different weapon.
They only became invuln to one type. Why, I dunno. Probably a bug, but it is by no means whatsoever some insurmountable mountain that I'm hearing it portrayed as in those comments.

Message to the Author:
you've got everything else down. ;) Now try to figure out what went wrong, and resubmit if ya can. I personally, loved this game.
While yer at it, Fix narcoxll 1's coding too. You may learn more.


I thought the Narcolyxii were supposed to be reptile like but they look like spiders!


I'm going to have to agree with most everybody else, the concept is amazing, but this game is far too glitchy. I actually got outside of the map by accident at one point and was wondering around in darkness. On the second boss, I got on top of his head where he was unable to hurt me and pounded him with the power fist like 100 times and he didn't die. Eventually I got tired of trying to kill him and just tried to run away, but I kept getting stuck in random areas where nothing was even at and couldn't move so he killed me. I respawned and there was no boss, but the music kept playing.

Idk man, the idea is amazing, and it looks like you're getting somewhere, I just think it needs a lot more work before I would say it was finished...


I really liked the first game, and this.... this is just not good : the plot is nice, but the game play and so many bugs make this a lousy. you should consider debugging it and then uploading it again.

Not much work put into it.

The idea and the design are both nice, but there are to many glitches and problems in general which mess up the whole game. It would be much better if you work on it a little more.