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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

This game is buggy as shit

The glitches and poor coding make this game barely playable.

The game has potential to be awesome if it wasn't so flawed.

Too much glitches..

Got to the where the leader was I couldn't move then it said 'End of Chapter One'?

Fix the bugs please.

Awesome Idea, but bugs

I was on the second boss with the ion fist. I was surrounded by a ring of innocent children. I killed all the eggs and nothing seems to be happening. I also seem to be able to walk outside the ring into nothingness. Nothing is happening now I cant continue.

good concept but...

i thought the Narcolyxx were lizards that emit high radiation gas? please answer this question as now they seem to be weird bug things?


...I like how you aren't even responding to any of these reviews. The same glitches that people below are talking about are what I'm dealing with. Even in survival mode you cant move or switch weapons. Congrats if this was your intention, even though its a stupid idea.