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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"


Can't get through the second "boss" because
a) it won't appear
b) It goes out of the walls and becomes immortal

Might be good if you work on it but as of now I deem it unplayable


as most people said, its very glitchy but its got potential! one glitch i got was when i killed the second narcolyxx it dissapeared then reapeared with full HP

your game is broken

vary broken the power glove lets u glitch out of walls and the game just needs alot of work man


I glitched out a wall in the start, and the game ended :(

Not bad

But I saw a game like this before, and better done, see Darkbase Incubation. The graphics are bad, compare with Planet Noevo etc... I know you are not guilty of this, flash games sure have difficulties because mostly they are made by players to players.

But.. it's has a cool history, and it is playabe..