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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"


this sucks the movement is glichie i taped w and it moved left i had an probluem with the awsd it all moved left when i taped the keys plees fix the code on ther


What the fuck? I can't tell if I won or the game glitched out on me because of all the unfinished stuff here. It's actually an interesting game, but fix all the bugs in this game so I can tell whether or not it's any good.


I don't know where to start i love this game sure it has glitches but its completely playable i got to the end and i am proud of it you should defiantly read all the comments and find out how to fix all the glitches i cant wait till you're next post pertaining this game i especially love the sounds there really cool don't let all the problems scare you into not finishing this!

Same as the bro below

Cant pass afta second boss cuz his got manny glitches


Great concept, but the game is laggy, and glitch filled. Needs work.