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Reviews for "Narcolyxii II"

This could have been good...

This could have been worse too ... but at least the ambiance was good the story idea is okay and the sounds are great. Unfortunately the game glitches like crazy!!! After i got to the second stage and killed the boss there suddenly the boss re-spawned on me, only after i attacked it did i realize it was invincible. i couldnt kill it and it kept on attacking me. You need to re do this game i have no idea how it got this far without some kind of judging. So if you really want this game to work out take it back fix it and you will have a good game here available for us newgrounders.

3 stars for the sound and abience of the game as well as the story.

I loved the previous game but...

This game is WAY too glitchy. Shouldn't have been released this glitchy.

Very unpolished

Cons -
You usually dont expect alot in a flash game, but some of the obstacles in this game are unforgiveable. I think the most glaring is the art style of the game. The dark (almost black in most cases) colors make it uninteresting visually and difficult to see where you are, where the walls are, and where the enemies are.

Secondly I noticed the controls were very unresponsive. At times a simple direction change sometimes required 3 or 4 attempts, compounding the first issue since when your avatar randomly stops responding and you're not sure if you hit a wall or the game froze.

It has a decent story, a little steriotypical (Doom, Quake etc) but you generally dont play a shooter for a fancy story so thats not too big of an issue

I like the idea of the nightmare sequences


While you're making a somewhat interesting story and the graphics are acceptable..the game is barely playable, gamebreaking glitches that force the player to restart from the beginning are common. This game BADLY needs proper playtesting and bug fixing before it can live up to the concept and storyline elements contained in it. Please come back with a bug fixed version.

what the hell

the game is full of glitches