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Reviews for "Radio Zed"

Fun, but not user-friendly

First off, I just want to say that this was a fun game for what it was -- a typical 2D zombie shooter. And it kept me coming back for more, which is what a good flash game should do. However, it does have a couple flaws.

First off, as has been mentioned, the reload time is ridiculously slow -- my gameplay was pretty much 33% shooting, 66% reloading. I started to wonder if my character was perhaps lacking an arm, which would explain why he seems to have so much trouble inserting a clip or magazine :P

Secondly, some sort of description for the various attributes and weapons would be nice. Health and Accuracy are both self-descriptive, as is Speed (though it would be nice to note what kind of Speed -- is it movement speed, firing speed, etc.). However, I have no idea what Educability, Recharge (perhaps you meant Reload?), Z. Hunter, or Luck do for my character. Likewise, weapons need some visible stats. While more expensive weapons are presumably better, it's nice to know exactly how different they are -- for example, while the Uzi has a much large clip than the Glock, it sometimes takes a full third of that clip just to kill one zombie, so it's not always a superior choice even though it's a "better" weapon.

Third and final is the barricades. They feel far too weak to me, especially since there is no chance of preventing them from taking at least damage each wave -- there's simply too many zombies for you to kill before the wall starts getting hit. For the first couple of waves the barricades were completely unnecessary, but in later levels they are absolutely vital, as the zombies simply spawn too quickly for you to kill them all before they reach the antenna and start damaging it. This necessitates constantly spending a fairly sizable chunk of your money on repairing the walls. To be fair, this is true of most games of this type, but it is also something I have always hated about them -- it would be nice to actually get to spend my money on upgrades instead of having to constantly fix a pile of scrap metal.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. Like I said, it's a good game, and it definitely made me want to keep playing, but the mechanics feel a bit clunky at times. Smooth them out a bit and you could have yourself a truly addicting game.

Kendja responds:

Thanks for detailed review.

its alright

but reloading takes far too long and none of the skills effect its speed, no matter what you say because I tried all of them and none of the skills for my character made any difference, reduce the time spent reloading and this could be better, also the sniper girl can't shoot for beans even fully upgraded so theres that too. this could be awesome but the balance is off

Pretty good game

Just the reload time is WAY too slow, the barricades are somewhat weak even for starting off, but besides those issues it's a very fun game.

the reloading is too slow!!!

Good idea badly done.

First off the allies. One has a Hk auto and the other had a sm rifle. In the later waves the rifle is completely useless. I would have like the option to switch their weapon out with one of mine since you don't even need most of them when the ammo clip runs out. Why weren't we given a new ally for the roof when the base upgraded or we found a new hideout? When maxed out they can hold off the left or right side pretty well but they had a tendency of shooting at zombies that weren't beating up the barricade so when the super waves came the barrier on their side easily fell.

second the weapons.
The desert eagle is useless. The Hk and ak-47 had really slow firing rates for being expensive. The sniper rifle is not a one hit ko even with max head damage. It takes almost 10 seconds for the fn saw to reload and that is on max reload! I would hate to see the response time with no reload upgrade. If you don't mind waiting pick the saw or if you want to quickly dispatch especially the zombies hitting your transmitter use the uzi. I really couldn't tell if there was a power difference. It felt like more bullets equaled more kills heance the uzi being the best weapon until saw is bought.

Upgrades (3rd)

The barricades are weak. I would have perferred the upgrade be 50,100,150 since 9k is a lot of money to horde and spend but instead you get 50 3 times.
400 hp would have been more useful then a measly 250.
Max out reload speed and then wilson's damage and you are free to spend your points on whatever you want.
Luck= can't be sure but I swear I notice a difference in the money dropped after maxxing it out.
educate= still can't figure out what it does but I noticed the doors on the house kept moving so I guess educate means better house rearranging.

4th gameplay
I started off using the balconey just like my ally but I accidently fell off and landed on the barricade. I was like wtf? It was way better than aiming down I could just shoot straight forward or slightly southeast.
Each zombie did the same damge I think but there was a huge difference in hp and speed. If you stood next to a door you could lure a zombie away from it and finish it off unless it was attacking the transmitter in which case it ignored you.

I can't seem to find an ending but This is a good enough game for a few minutes to relieve some stress on some zombies.