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Reviews for "Hurdle Turtle: Flash!"

Oh god...

I'm having Battletoads flashbacks. The speed! The Jumps! The walls! THE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLSSSSSSSS!!!

Holmfry responds:

Mwahaha! I suffered with the flashbacks for years on my own, and figured it was time to share the horror! You fell into my diabolical trap! ;P

All joking aside, thanks for the review!


... i got owned in the first 15ms due to my charchter not being able to move up and down

great game

The only prob is that when your moving fast the walls look like they are more. Then I get confused on where they are. Because if there more then one it becomes a prob real quick. But besides that everything is great.


not only was it challenging and fun BUT it was also funny :D


I cant get past 140 mts... a very nice game indeed ! Did anyone make it to 300?