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Reviews for "Hurdle Turtle: Flash!"


The song's awesome. It gets me hyped.
My reflexes are too slow for this :(

A good game, but needs more.

I found it a good, and entertaining game to kill some time, the game itself is good, but it lacks more in general. Like, if it had more features, made like an options tab, you can choose the quality, the volume, and maybe just enemies added to the game, where you have to defeat. (I know, they already have enemies in the xbox version, but if you can add just some of those enemies in this version, that would also be great) The game itself, actually is quite pretty good. You are the turtle, and you are running a track. Personally, I liked the 8-bit style graphic you put in this. It also has a relativly easy plot to avoid the obsticals, but the hard part is using your mind to overcome the obsticals, it can get hard the further you go. Overall, this is a great game, it just needs a few improvements.

I really like this game.

But i cant make it to 300 and get that achivement lol it always laggs so i cant get it lol

good game!

But my high score was only 59 :'(


Enter the Turtle.

Holmfry responds:

Dude! 0_0

If you did that legit, my hat is off to you! I dare say it will be a while before THAT score is beaten! Congrats!