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Reviews for "Hurdle Turtle: Flash!"


makes me dissy


shit gets damn near hypnotic.

More Fun Without So Many Walls.

Kind of hard to get into it or for it to be much fun when there's so many goddamn walls. Fuck man you expect us to get past that?


Holmfry responds:

Check out the hiscore list, people are managing quite well! The point here is to provide a challenge, not a walk in the park.

Practice makes perfect!


Great game xD i have a highscore, i feel so special :o (im so getting this on Xbox)

Holmfry responds:

Awesome, glad you loved it! :)

Enjoy the Xbox version and many thanks for the great review!

great game

its very great game,there's as tip:
1st secret medal-check out Xbox version(click play on your Xbox)
2nd secret medal-jump 100 times in race(holding space is best)

in 15,25,35,75,125,200 and more metres the speed will increase
(if speed is very high,you may jump over 2 hurdles in one jump)

my record is exactly 300m and have all medals