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Reviews for "Hurdle Turtle: Flash!"

Too hard!

But I do like it. It's a fun little game. I doubt I will ever get 300m though.

This game isn't for kids!!! >:c

its 4 3V3RY 1!!! :D

Slow, But Steady

This simple game is made by it's great soundtrack that keeps this easy game intense. The only con was the extremely slow start-up, which will turn a lot of people off.

I myself earned 483m, now I just need to know the last secret medal.

Holmfry responds:

Thanks for the great review and score!! :D

483m is an excellent score as well - and it looks like you found all the medals now, great work!! Thanks for playing!


Dude, this game is.... AWESOME!!
Great work!

Holmfry responds:

Thanks!!! :D Glad you like it, thanks for the awesome score!

Itd be good

But the... I dunno what its called, physics? No, thats not it. Well... Thats pretty bad too, but still.
I can be the whole way across from a wall or hurdle and still lose lives. wtf.