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Reviews for "Hurdle Turtle: Flash!"

Those seeking the 300m challenge:

- Never move away from the middle. The outer lanes are not needed at all. Going there only makes harder to navigate walls.
- Get used to hurdles back to back. Either jump early to land faster or jump late to go over both.
- There is "pause scumming" in this game, if all else fails...

Holmfry responds:

YES!! Excellent tips!


I got to 300 something on my first try. I love this game. It's so simple.

I got 287 whyyyyy,soo close

Great Game

The simple controls and great graphics makes for a very fun experience. The speed also makes a very fun challenge. Although after playing a bunch of Sonic games for many years I'm kinda already used to the speed. People should play this game a little more often. Its great competitive fun. By the way, in case anyone was wondering, NO HACKS were done in the making of my play through. I respect this game too much to interfere with its configurations. (If i knew how, lol.) Great game and fun to play. See ya!