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Reviews for "Pixel Purge"


You don't have to be good at all to feel like a pro.



Absolutely Epic!

for such a simple game, based off of Asteroids, this is awesome!
For all those about to play this game, click onto Youtube and put into a playlist every "Nox Arcana" song you can find. Turn the game music off, and hit play.
I have to say, it just makes the game all the more perfect.
Keep up the good work, my man!

just see

great game overall,only with the big number of enemies,, it get kinda messy
great graphics, sound fits action, great job on that to,
and i still wonder,,, if this is the "sector for 1 ship" what would a whole legion of these be like?


wow awesome game my best score was around 100000 - 150000