Reviews for "Pixel Purge"

I found the stroy...

I found the stroy wery mutch as what we are living with today , more and more wars keeping the bankers bank full its dark times ahead of us . Nice game.

Quite nice and simple game.

I ever like those types that aren't too complicated, but still fun and not plain.
Good game to burn some time on.

Pro tips for everyone.

You can get Chain of 1700+ by not collecting any pixels. ( level )
Because each time you level up , the enemies level up too.
So if you stay on lowest levels , you can kill infinite enemies and gain massive score because of the chain and get 1700+ chains.

Also by chain it means killing x enemies without being hit , not killing x enemies as fast as possible.

Pixels. Pixels everywhere

I really like this game. Easy to control and addicting. Though, while it's good that you're almost never overpowered, sometimes there are just so many enemies, you don't know where to go and what to do.

I didn't get any slow down problems and it worked really fine.
Overall it's a fun game to kill some minutes... or hours.


Addicting as hell.
But I finally got ALL Medals, and Weekly 6th!

_O_ Obey me!