Reviews for "Pixel Purge"


I had a chain of 900+ and the goddamn waver got me...

Awesome game, now if you'll excuse me...



Great game, i lost soo many time trying to get all of the throphy and I get it and now the game is more fun then before *-*

Hey well

I will give you a 5... because you should really make it possible to save. Always starting a new game is not really fun. If you make this possible i will give you a higher ranking. Because then its possible to "beat" this game.

Really great effort!

The sound effects are sufficient as is the music, the graphical style is nice and the controls are well thought out.

The only grip is you need to be able to save how far you got - once I got to level 17 and died, i'd rather be able to try again than start from scratch :)


Porter, Jasper and I miss you! Good job, d00d!1