Reviews for "Pixel Purge"

It's alright and all, but one MAJOR problem: Visual feedback overload.
Basically: There's so much shit on the screen that you can hardly tell if an enemy is hiding behind another, if an enemy is in the middle of the danmaku of the screen, and if an enemy blends with the ground... Jesus, let's not think.

This game is fun and addictive! Awesome!

great game but space should be shoot and wanted a saving system too. Overall Rating: AWESOME!!!!!

I love this game. So simple but just awesome.

This is some top grade material right here, The pixels were amazingly well done and I love how much creativeness you put into the enemies, this reminds me of Galaga only you can freely roam around without having to wait for the enemies to swoop down so you can shoot them. The upgrades were smooth and rewarding, nothing like going to war with your brand new upgraded toy, although there's something that I don't understand, wouldn't piercing and critical be the same thing or I'm I just making that up. Whatever the case, I sure look forward to more games from you because this........phenomenal, I mean it was absolutely exhilarating, it keeps you on your toes even at the very first minute you dive into game. Excellent game, just excellent.