Reviews for "Pixel Purge"

Come with me now as we enter the story of a rogue vacuum cleaner on a mass-killing adventure.

Does this vacuum cleaner lose suction you ask? How often does it have to be emptied? As a matter of fact this vacuum cleaner NEVER has to be emptied, and when it sucks up dust it actually GAINS power. It even has the ability to fire state of the art Cleaning Pellets (TM) with enough power to physically DESTROY any messes.

In fact, the only time it needs to be emptied, if ever, is when it starts blowing people into dust and vacuuming them up. But what are the chances that THAT could ever happen?

This game is fun for all of five minutes before it becomes absolutely effing impossible

Some notes for improving this literal bullet hell game:

-Don't make an enemy the same shape as your powerups. The Splitters got me killed far too many times because I rushed at them on accident by mixing them up with pixels.
-LESS PLAYER-SEEKING ENEMIES. Mother of /Christ/, the Seekers are like souped-up grunts, the Grunts themselves are a nuisance, the zergmother things that spawn a whole bunch of tiny grunts. This ramps up the difficulty way too fast when you have 40+ enemies actually coming for you at once.
-Less clutter/effects - the lightning in the background and the flitting shadows is way too disorienting, as are the colors. Soften them a little, maybe make the background black and white and not flashing, something. Make the pixels white to distinguish them from the enemies. But there's too much color and flashing going around and it gets too busy and too cluttered.

This game is really good. It's gameplay could make rivalry between many games i know, it's graphics are what they are (and i love them as they are) and the music is really good too.

It's good, but I found what may or may not be a glitch. I am unable to shoot while I move. This almost makes the game unplayable. I have to stop and line up my shot. Feels like I'm a redcoat or something.
Other than that, the game is pretty fun.

Excellent game, I love it!