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Reviews for "Pixel Purge"

Great game! At least 1 full hour of challenging fun. Although it didn't give much in terms of story (endless, literally) so we never find out about the purge, it gives back with authentic gameplay.

I have nothing to say other than the system of advancement could be better (based on time and not on pixels collected/level).

Got 4,532,965 on my last run. This was legit, and anyone trying to go over a million should NEVER EVER upgrade "pixel" and "magnet" (avoid at all costs gathering pixels because when you get stronger, the enemies get stronger) and try not to upgrade "points" either because they only affect "kill points" and not "chain points". Since the rule of thumb is to do enormous chains (kills without being hit) the point upgrades become far useless than the damage ones.

Pretty good game, but it has to have a way to not star entirely from 0 when you loose.

Very addictive little arcade style game.
5/5 from me team. ^__^
And people, try to beat my high-score of 1509301 points.
For a proof I made a picture. Look at it here:
Good Luck!!! You'll need it. ;)

This is a beautiful game, excellent music and aesthetics all around, but where it falls short is in the game balance and graphical design that hinders gameplay.

1) Grunts
A whole section just for grunts. The game loves to spam the biggest possible grunts all the time, and they are actually really fast. Furthermore, not only is the invulnerability time half of most similar games, enemies that collide do not take any form of collision damage. That really ramps up the difficulty and damage.

2) Level-up System (aka how to score really high & get trophies)
The trick is to never pick up the pixels, just stay there and keep shooting. As long as you don't level up, the enemies will never get tougher, allowing you to easily farm the 1000 kill combo, "evade" for over 120s and turret for 60s trophy. I won't be surprised if that's how the top score of 2,147,483,647 was achieved.

3) Difficulty Ramp
In general the game's difficulty ramps up too quickly, especially considering how fast-paced the game is. Immediately after introducing an enemy type, you'll start seeing the XL version. I managed to survive to level 30, but still.

4) Graphical Interference
* The lightning flash is cool the first couple of levels, and I assumed it was a way to tell you that the next wave was coming. I was wrong (see above), and found that it only made telling what's happening on the screen that much harder.
* There's also the pixels you're supposed to collect - they are squares that flash in a rainbow of colours, and with magnet they'll also be pulled towards you. That gets distracting when you're trying to watch the enemies, especially when the splitters show up and the movement from magnet makes you think the pixels are enemies.
* It looks cool that the skills will cycle on the skill menu, but I think players will appreciate having the skills not move in case of muscle memory, plus the icons for shooting speed & spreadshot look identical at a glance.

All in all, beautiful & addictive game, but suffers unbalanced difficulty and a few poor graphical decisions that hinder gameplay.

//Other tips:
* Play without using skillpoints until you reach level 10 for the "Hardcore" trophy set.
* The rest of the trophies can be easily obtained by regular playing. You'll need to spend 15 skillpoints to level up a skill from 1 to the maximum 6. Generally you'll only max out 1-2 skills per playthrough before it gets too difficult.
* Fume & Vessel are bombs; stay away and shoot them. If they explode, they will not count towards kills for the bestiary.
* Prioritize getting raw damage(spreadshot, crit, pierce) over rate of fire; it increases damage a lot more significantly. Rate of fire only really helps when you pick up the attack speed powerup, which you shouldn't expect to last long since powerups are drained whenever you take a hit (even if you had the shield powerup).

Great One, Bro!!!!