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Reviews for "Pixel Purge"

Now that flash is dying out in our browsers within just a few days, this is one of the few games I come back to play once again, maybe for the last time on Newgrounds as it is.

Been playing it on and off for 10 years now. Gonna try to finish off the trophies before the end of December.

It's pretty grand. Thanks for making this.

great game, I've gotten to level 24, but anyway, tips... :
put at least 2 into rate and spread, or the miners and vessels will make your life hell.
wavers move unpredictably. be careful when they start to spawn.
stay away from vessels, you'll find why. hard to kill, you'll never get the bestiary entry.
shields are a pain. don't let them distract you, they don't bite.
go offensive with upgrades. high firerate is good, and high spread is essential. crit is decent.
I have one medal left, it's platinum chain... ( ._ .) (edit: 100%, les goo)
overall, fun and engaging, action packed and fast paced, if you like old shooters, this speed will fit you.
edit: damn... newgrounds player won't run right, and I can't play it in browser... guess that's it, huh? well, see ya round...


An amazing retro shooter with fantastic, upgrade-based gameplay! It's addicting, it's simple, and it's sweet. Five stars for this masterpiece.

nice game it's simple but fun and it a bit addicted so nice job