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Reviews for "Dynamic Systems 2"


Better than the first one,but also a lot easier.

Great game

Loved the gameplay. And nice graphics :D


Crazy machines

The Incredible Machine in Flash (well, sorta)

I loved the Incredible Machine (TIM) series when I was younger (in fact, I still do). I haven't touched any of those games for a long time, but Dynamic Systems 2 (DS2) certainly brought back memories from those days.

Like in Dynamic Systems, the player must guide a steel ball into a basket through a series of Rube Goldberg contraptions. Compared to the original game, DS2 has many more objects, as well as some new features. One problem with the original game is that it ran pretty slowly on Macs, but the "fast forward" function solves this problem. DS2 also has an online database of user-created levels, so players who have solved the 30 levels can keep themselves entertained. The medals are a nice touch, too.

Unlike the TIM games, DS2 is not deterministic. In the TIM games, a contraption in a certain setup will always have the same behavior (due to the game's pseudorandom number generator), whereas objects in DS2 will occasionally behave differently. I do not know if this is a glitch, but it doesn't severly affect the gameplay.

However, the difficulty is pretty unbalanced. Some levels are extremely hard to figure out, while others have extemely solutions. Perhaps it is intentional, but some levels can be "broken" and easily solved, skipping a large part of the puzzle.

To be honest, I liked the original Dynamic Systems better. Nevertheless, DS2 is still a pretty solid game.

Pros: useful features
Cons: unbalanced difficulty


LorenzGames responds:

Thanks! I think this is the most useful review I have ever read on this game :)
I actually thought that adding the law of chaos, which is natural in phyisic, would give it a more realistic touch to it... but actually I have noticed that many people understood it has a glitch instead.

If running the same thing in real life would be normal to anybody to have sligtly different reaction every time you play the machine, actually would seem unrealistic if the same action made by many objects would always give the same exact reaction :)

Rube Goldberg

rube goldberg machines can be hard to make, but this made it relatively easy. kinda liked it.