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Reviews for "Dynamic Systems 2"

I'm a Rube Goldberg master!

...Or I just clicked on the supposedly unavailable last level from the start and finished the whole game in under 2 minutes. Get it fixed ;)

It was ok.

I like it for the first 10-20 min, but then the dullness and boring music got to me. I really think the music does not match this game. There was too much gray........


I have a feeling that I didn't solve most of the levels like I was supposed to, since often I didn't use most of the stuff that was available.

Used a walkthrough for a few levels after being stuck for a while, but managed to finish most of the levels myself, and had fun. Well done.


Best "The Incredible Machine" clone I've seen in a while.


I liked the game as a whole. However, I had to give you a lower rating because it was kinda rediculous on some of the puzzles how exacting they needed to be. For example the gear on level 17. If it didn't hit the tiles just right, then the hammer wouldn't hit the ball right, etc. It doesn't make sense to make it that exacting and all around lowers the experience of the game.

Better luck with your future projects.