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Reviews for "Dynamic Systems 2"

Loved It

I like games that make you think. they are the best.

One problem I do have, however, "5) Objects easy to move and to pick."
Hahaha.... no. You try picking up a spring on super zoomed out mode, it has to be on one of the object's actual pixels, not a problem for the bigger things, but them springs man.... they are an outright pain in the ass.

All in all though, fantastic game

Gameplay: 8
Music: 9
Graphics: 8

It was okay.....

It got reeeeally boring after a few of the levels, but it was good. 7/10 3/5

amuzing and challenging

lol at swastika


i do like to set up objects to form a track in real life, so this game is perfect for me.. a real brain tester. great work

Nice one, but with a major flaw.

This game is nice; had good music and has good graphics, with tons of details.

However, it suffers from the fact that it's not non-engineer friendly.

Otherwise, great game.