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Reviews for "Dynamic Systems 2"

Great game

Loved the gameplay. And nice graphics :D


Pretty Cool Game. It Reminds me of The incredible Machine, my personal best for c64. Great Graphics and music!


Excellent game! The presence of the star makes the game very enjoyable and this allows to get away from the simple function of "shooting a basket"! This game is so amusing!

Very fun game

While not the most original of games, it certainly has a good enough premise to really like. There were just so many objects around that at first it was hard to tell which ball was supposed to go into the basket. I admired the really good graphics as well. The music really fits the theme and you can just play it again and again. Here is a hint; dropping things from a distance really makes it become more powerful. All of the tools used in this design were so simple, yet worked so effectively.

Nice and fun.

It was a great game but the sound got a little annoying for me.