Reviews for "Eclipse."


Im giving it a 3/5 because it was fun and innovative but im also giving it a 5/10 simply because of bugs and weird controls. One major issue is the fact that you can click a button rapidly and it will count all the clicks but say you click 5 times in one rotation animation... it only moves one spot even if you clicked 20 times. See the issue with that. Yes its a user controlled glitch but if you have a computer that lags or anything and click a few times it would fuck up a nice game. I did get screwed a few times rotating the items the wrong way. I liked the concept but the execution didnt work too well.

Seemed like a good idea

But seriously, change 'rotate left and right' to clockwise and anticlockwise.
It got really annoying


It was alright, but it wasn't really challenging, just took work to finish each level. I tired for par on a few of them, but with all the control you give the player over the board it's hard to see any patterns for how to finish in just a few moves. I think for it to work as a true puzzle, you should limit the moves on each level to exactly what you need to finish with par. That way the player knows what to look for. Also, keeping moves to 3 or 4 max would be important, I think, for recognizing patterns.

I like the game, but it is buggy

The concept is new and interesting. The only problem are the bugs.

It freezes up when I try to do more then one thing at once, and sometimes when I tried to use earthquake on the 5th level it would make the make without moving anything.

I am using firefox on windows xp. I don't know what version of firefox since I'm on a limited library computer, sorry.

Fix the bugs!

Very addicting game,

This is certainly an awesome game; the gameplay is well done, the graphics suit the style very well, and the ability to change every tile is something not to be overlooked.
There is, however, a flaw: every level can be beaten the first time you play it. That kills the "puzzle" feeling of the game a bit; I recommend reducing the number of uses for natural disasters and moves, which will require more thought from the player.