Reviews for "Eclipse."


had me thinking

about other ways to beat it so congrats kept me entertained

A fine game

The only real reason this misses out on a full 5/5 10/10 vote is the gameplay is very glitchy. I even encountered a glitch that locked all of the controls so that I couldn't do anything.


The puzzles were well balanced and really matched the universe that involved them. Couldn't do part of it, but it's sort of late so I'll give myself a discount.

Really nice job, keep up.

Well, I actually haven't played it yet- but the game's name URGES me to leave a review. So here it is. I'll play it later to confirm my word, don't worry.

PS: Kittens.

Nice game

It's a perfect game for 2am, which is the exact time it is right now :)
BTW, I think I've found a bug, is seems to give me one grade but display a higher grade on the map.

I liked it

But! Sometimes when you click, it doesn't work the buttons, you select them and they get unselected, and i can't rotate them or change their state.