Reviews for "Eclipse."

check for bugs

some tiles are blackening out without being in phase ... while some are ordered and are not blackened out

great game!

a bit challenging, but addicint none the less.
i did not find any glitches, however for the players complaining about level 4. it is a basically a tutorial on how to use the tsunami and volcano. so for that level, you can ONLY use the tsunami and the volcano. please check things out before giving a lower score. ty


It's a good game and a interesting idea. I like the background music too. BUT it did make me kind of sleepy. Overall good idea and game.

I was really liking this game...

...until I got the same glitch as SpyShadow01, on level 4. I went to use the earthquake power and nothing happened so I restarted the level, upon which the game said I beat the level with a score of 0, and then everything froze.

From what I was able to play, this sounds like a fun game.

solid game

1. Music hypnotized me and kept me playing to the end
2. Clear instructions
3. Good graphics for a puzzle game
4. Original gameplay
5. Rhyming intro was a good touch

1. No motivation; background story was like a fairy tale, but didn't give a motivation to actually solve the puzzles
2. Way too easy, I never even lost a single stage (maybe a Hard level to challenge hardcore puzzle gamers)
3. I never knew how many levels there would be because you didn't know which stars were levels, and the starmap had other stars on it but they weren't used as levels

Basically, if this game were more challenging I would've given it a 9, and maybe if all the other bells and whistles were decked out it could've reached a 10, but good time-passer nevertheless.