Reviews for "Eclipse."


On level 7 the middle tile spins permanently even after i exit to level screen. I had to refresh the page to fix it. Overall a wonderful puzzler.

Scoring glitch.

For some odd reason, the score that shows up on the level select is sometimes different from the one shown at the end of the level. It's happened twice to me so far: In level 7, the results said "A", but the level select showed "A+". Not a big deal, I figured, but in level 9, it said I got a "B" (even though I had 10, exactly par for that level, which usually gives me an "A"), and when I went to the level select, it said "A+". So apparently, if there's an error, it automatically defaults to "A+". It's nice that it does that, but I fear people can just glitch their way to total victory.

On the game itself, I thought it was fairly interesting, but when not going for the par score, there's not much of a challenge at all. Once you blacken tiles, they stay that way, which is a bit odd, since I thought I was casting shadows on the planet, not sucking the light out of it.

I really enjoy the concept behind the game, though. I would like to see future games from you incorporate terrestrial manipulation in the theme.

pepperpunk responds:

I had a look, and the error appears to be on the "results" screen at the end of the level on levels 6-9, the grades on the level select scores are the accurate ones.

So when you got 10 for your score, and the par was 10, you earned that A+, it was just the B on the end screen that was wrong. :)

great game

It's pretty easy, but to get a good performance becomes harder as the game progresses. You need to think a lot before you do something.

As long as something is not a mountain, then you can actually change it into whatever you like. that makes you look for what you have and avoid making too much mountains since you can't actually change it back.


I like the concept, I like the gameplay. A very unique approach to puzzles! The music is good for concentration, too.
What I don't like is how par seems to go from the least amount of moves possible to a few moves more than the minimum possible. It really threw me off and didn't give me a good goal to go for...
That's just me, though. :)

Awesome Concept! Give this to students!

My roommate and I were playing this game, and at first we thought it was pretty simple and found out that every puzzle can be solved no problem. But after a while we kept getting D's for our score and starting thinking how in the hell can we make par. THEN WE FOUND OUT JUST COMPLETING THE PUZZLE IS NOT THE POINT OF THE GAME! Anyone can complete the puzzle; the challenge is being able to complete the puzzle as efficiently as possible!

That's when an idea popped up; middle school students need to play this game. I feel that it could boost their critical thinking, as well as teach them the basics of being efficient. PLUS IT'S FUN (with soothing music lol)!!!

Critcal Thinking + Efficient use of resources = Greatness. And that is what your game is. Greatness

pepperpunk responds:

Hey, thanks for the awesome review. :D

"Easy to complete, difficult to master" was exactly what I wanted to achieve with the grading system.

I didn't want to exclude casual players by making something insanely hard, but I also wanted to make sure that more hardcore players could have fun trying to ace everything.