Reviews for "Eclipse."

got a glitch

Got a glitch on the second level, I was switching the places of 2 tiles, the grey one and the sand one. And the sand one turned into a grey one.. so I had 4 grey tiles and 2 sand tiles, when it should have been 3 each. So I couldn't complete the level.. And I didn't feel like starting over.

But cool looking game though :)


Nice puzzle game. Its quite different from all that i played. But its not free from bugs. One is that after level restart move count DO NOT BECOME ZERO!!! And so i get 12 moves insted of 5 that i made after restart, had to repeat level to get A+ :/

pepperpunk responds:

Bug fixed, thanks for the heads up. :)


it was kinda unique

Excellent, but

There is a bug where it sometimes becomes impossible to interact with the game controls. I'm not sure what causes it, but it appeared on the first level that sandstorm was available

Cool concept

For your first flash game thats really cool.

The design of the game is great and the music really fits the scene as well.

The puzzle game is a good concept as well.