Reviews for "Eclipse."

Very Fun

I played on this my entire morning, very addictive. I like the music.

This Game made me angry but.....

I think its your coding that made me get angry! It was a good game and all But it doesnt have a SAVE FUNCTION!!!! I had to reset my computer and my data of it was gone!!! ADD one Or I wont play this ever again!

pepperpunk responds:

The save function does exist, it silently autosaves your progress as you play. Standard feature that all flash games should do by default, I agree.

As for why it didn't work, you might have come back to the game after an update I made to fix a few bugs (in which case I apologise, but it's just how flash player works), or you might not have cookies enabled in your browser.


Is very very relaxing, i like the music and the sound, good job!!

Very nice game...

...though I encountered the same glitch PhycoKrusk got. It's on the level the sandstorm was introduced

fun game

really nice game, sometimes i was way under par, for example level 8 is possible in 3 instead of 5 turns, how about a sequel with different difficulty packs, where you could add more rows and elements (for the "pros") :D