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Reviews for "Want A Cookie?"

pretty good

Some good frame by frame animation here!!

The animation and art is solid, but the movie was a little predictable.. Seems a little similar to those Devil toons, work on your originality.

oldGanon responds:


Very nice!

That was really funny and your art is impressive! I have a sudden craving for chocolate.

oldGanon responds:

mhm chocolate

not bad

Well, the animation was nice, but not particularity challenging. For one of your first animations, I thought it was a nice attempt, and your joke was well executed at least. It served it's purpose.

The perspective of the background really bothered me though. I hate drawing backgrounds :(

Keep it up my friend! Us 15 year old animators have to stick together n__n

oldGanon responds:

i hate drawing backgrounds too :D

People are over-rating

Its was alright, the animation was good, but it was very short and almost nothing happnened. Not to mention its not exactly seeping with originality.

Its still a decent flash, I would even call it good, but its not 10/10

Regardless, well done! Especially for a 15 year old! If you keep it up you will be an amazing flash artist!

Expand on this! A longer version of this with a little more plot would be great!

oldGanon responds:

hey it's a solid piece of flash
but it's your oppinion
i'm sorry that you didn't like it.

:O no way!!!

:O no way!!!
a talking broccoly?!?!!
the world as we know it is doomed....


oldGanon responds:

there's no hope left anymore