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Reviews for "Happy Wheels"

Incredibly funny!

This is a hilarious, fun game, and it has the potential to be really challenging! When can we expect the full version?

Totaljerkface responds:

thanks... The full version is on my site


Sir, I have been playing this on your website for at least 4 months. I'm so glad you decided to place this masterpiece on Newgrounds. I love the endless amount of difficulty and the funny deaths. Please add the full game soon, I'm sure others agree with me that this awesome game should be at it's fullest to add to the enjoyment of others.

Totaljerkface responds:

I can't add the full version here. it works with the backend of my site

Nice Game

Funny, but i think the full version would have tiles with more details.

where is it

where is the full version?

Totaljerkface responds:

how much effort did you put into figuring this out?

Happy Me, Welcome back Mr. Bonacci

I kid you not at 3:39am I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and play Divine Intervention when I see that 2 new submissions had been entered to Newgrounds, I click on Happy Wheels and who created said submission THE MAN WHO CREATED DIVINE INTERVENTION! Cosmically comical I thought then I decided to play it, I loved it, The Characters and how they all have their own injuries upon game play. The Mass levels and such makes for good times, the driving is a little off or maybe I need practice but other then that suburb job. P.S I know you hear it all the time but please, pleeeease (sincerely) make another Divine Intervention, the world desperately needs it (take ur time) Quality is always better then instant gratification, welcome back, thank you and keep up the good work.

Totaljerkface responds:


well, so far Happy Wheels isn't doing as well as Divine Intervention was on here. perhaps i should have put more into the demo. we'll see what happens.