Reviews for "Ibiza Nights"

Great Game!

I loved how well you animated the scenes, and everything was just perfectly fitting. However, a few things.

1.) Audio
~Try not to reuse the same soundtracks for all the girls, specially if some of them don't match. (The 'Ooh Baby' sounded rough and manly, and the moans sounded high and whiny)

2.) Repeating Constantly
~Try to mix in some different objectives, and maybe make mini freebie sex scenes, because it seems too much as if everything conveniently goes wrong. ATM breaks, missing parts for ice cream and the cocktail, all seems too coincidental.

But beside that, you had some great animation perks, and the game flowed very nicely. I understand where you tried to make this as original as possible, without making it a MnF clone. Honest opinion, 9/10 and 5 picos to boot. Hmm...
Ah, what the hell, ill go 10/10!

Good adult game

It's nice to see the adult games on newgrounds. Here I see a good story with pretty girls. You need to work on improving the level of animation and dialogues.
Keep working.