Reviews for "Ibiza Nights"

Missing 1 thing!

When the game finish,allow the player to choose which girls to fuck and which position,or unlock the girls from other places.That would be cool

u can do better

i think the graphic are good...
but it just seem very-very coincidental...
and a bit repetitive to..
as well for the sound...

i think u can do better though...

Good, but some errors.

For example, "But I will I get if I get them?" ummmm what?

very good job

animation and dialogue could've done better, but all in all, this was pretty good. just make those fine-tunings, and keep up the good work!

Ok that was more than I expected.

I agree with Zac that the audio clips could have varied a little...

Also the the animation was a bit funny in the sex scenes but it's all good, a lot better than 90% of the other stuff I've seen.

I think if you could have made things a seem a little more random and realistic with the encounters and situations that would be nice i.e. banging the bartender, the fruit market girl ect.

Also the Horse Race Minigame could be something to expand upon. It'd be kind of nice if you could actually win or lose it too.