Reviews for "Ibiza Nights"

Lol how to use ATM :D

HMM... NO fair how to use ATM



please make all the Girls sexable


showing improvement

This is alot better than your previous works. This is mostly because the sex scenes were longer, although took a long time to get to them. Also it was nice for a change to see foreplay in your flashes. still could use some improvements because the change in pace when the character is having sex is barely noticeable.
Also what was the point in having more than one choice of sunglasses when she only wanted one.

Very Flawed

For starters, the whole opening "cutscene" was completely unimportant. What was the deal with the countdown if we didn't actually do anything inbetween the days of the countdown? Why the hell are we being shown the plane or anything? Why not just start us on the island? If we did something beforehand, it would make sense, but it just seems like a waste. I know you can skip it, but why bother even putting it in there if we can just skip it?

Also, when exchanging the DVD, Rental Card, or money, we had to click on it. Why the fuck was that even necessary? Why didn't you pull off that inventory shit you did when we gathered the lemon, soda, or gin? Again, petty complaint, but it seems stupid to throw in additional clicks when they are completely pointless.

Why did we have to do horse racing? That was all luck and I'm suspicious that the game merely hands you the first $80 without question. If you attempt to get more, you lose it. After losing it, you can play again and instantly make it up. If we're going to gamble, why not something with a little more skill or something a little more interesting (like Texas Holdem, Black Jack, or fucking roulette for christ sake). Instead, we just have a loading screen disguised as horse racing. I know the point of the game is to have sex, but since it takes so ruddy long to get to that, why not at least keep me entertained with something else in between.

Collecting the ingredients was a joke. What kind of bar doesn't keep stocked up on that stuff, especially one on an island vacation spot? It's obviously a shitty bar and would have been closed a long time ago for something as simple as that. Furthermore, why couldn't I have just won all my money on the fucking horse racing to buy everything (since you can't lose until you reach the $80 cap) rather than do all these fucking arbitrary missions?

A game like this, sadly, pales compared to something like Meet n Fuck. Why? Because those games don't bog you down with boring sidequests and pointlessness. Instead, in order to have sex with one girl, you have to do it with several others. You are kept interested in the game very easily and it wastes little to no time. In short, this game was disappointing because it had so much potential and fell horribly short. What's worse is that we have several beaches but only one of them had anyone on it. Why the fuck did you even bother making more beaches if only one mattered?

And to top it all off, it's called "Ibiza Nights" but the entire thing took place during the day, from what I saw. While calling it "Ibiza Afternoon Delight" might have come off stupid, at least that would have been one less thing for me to complain about.

Better luck next time.