Reviews for "Ibiza Nights"

girl's account #34-699-563890

TIP: You need to take a careful note of that tel number, or your (e)mission is stymied! (Also, when the third spoiled bi... sorry, I meant GIRL needs the pricey shades, you have to think carefully where to make more money to get them)

WHAT??? HOW MUCH FOR 7UP (and gin)?!?!?!?! Scary prices, man!!!!

Mixed success of this game. Generally, much to encourage! ;)~

The concept is of course great - of sex on the beach with a string of girls. (Actually, game should be called "Ibiza Days" - he does them all in broad daylight, excitingly enough!) On the slight downside, a fair bit of the sex could be better realized, esp the girls' anatomical detail. Girl 2, for example (the least exciting of the three): her breasts rise very nicely in the water scene, and her legs and tits have great shaping in the second of her fucks. But some pussy placings and cock-entry angles are a wee bit odd, and in places, the skin resolution could be better - it's quite "whorly"-pixillated in places in the game. Do I grumble much? :D

The biggest "downside" to the game, I think, is the way our hero has to run all over the place like a little boy, doing errands left, right and center before he can lay the 'birds'. He doesn't get bored working for sex, but the player can! It would be better if the game allowed him to bang a few more girls along the way. The bargirl, the fruit girl and the ice cream girl (with her low-hanging fruit, cutely angled head and her tights) are the most 'fanciable girls on the island, so why can't he for example shag the buxom barmaid on her bar and the gorgeous ice cream seller on her counter while he is so hard at work running errands? (After all, he sets up the next 'date' with Girl 3 while fetching Girl 2's ice, so he's not exactly a one-girl guy, is he? :D )

The girls he DOES get to enjoy are pretty good, though very spoiled brats. Carise the Prude is very curvily drawn, her bikini is funky too. (We really should see her nipples more ... also a slight oddity that when she gets "creamed up" - sun cream, that is - she gets none on her face??) ~ Girl 3 (Amanda??) has a fab body too, well drawn, tho lo-res in places. Love the swinging tits during his sex with her. A bit disconcerting the way her face turns into a tit at the end, though ... more seriously, would be nice if she wore those sunglasses for fucking: he paid enough and ran around enough to get them.

A couple of other things that might be BETTER: 1) the English could be fine-tuned quite a bit! (Tho some of it is amusing: "Cream Putting".) 2) Those "whiteouts" - white flashes - when he cums are a bit scary. Like part of a horror movie! 3) The horserace and cocktail-making visualizations are very weak. Why not show mini-horses running along their lanes? Surely not too difficult? 4) Bit strange that when he returns to the same stores, he generally starts all over again - no recognition. Esp when the supermarket girl is the same for 7UP and gin. Like robots that pass in the night. Could include more "recognition of previous encounters" than this? 5) You've got to let him shag more of those beauties, while he treks all over the island to please the three little princesses. (I'm saying this again - more fucking!!! :D )

Some other details I LIKED: 1) The payment for the 7Up goes straight into the assistant girl's pussy :D; 2) the dialog sounds are funny. That "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeh!", the "Ooh" (or is it "cool"?) and the post-orgasmic *sigh* in all the wrong places are hilarious! :D

oh, one last thing. Like almost all of these games, as a story, which takes some time to run, it really could use a better ending than "his last squirt". A splash of him on his flight home, dreaming (split screen) of shagging all three girls (a final review of his holiday). Or else Girl 1 or 2 - or one of the store assistants - finding him ejaculating into Girl 3 on Beach 3 ... with whatever consequence. Or the local police arresting him for fucking in public. Or him back in America, getting three texts from three pregnant girls, asking him what he's going to do about it .... hell, SOME final page! :D

But these are common shortcomings. I liked the game!

i dont see the hint box so whats the phone number anyways the first two girls i meet are sexy


Had fun but would like to fuck the sales associates too and maybe some anal action :)