Reviews for "Cursor Attack 4"

this is a good game

this game arent a problem see pretty fun


I start the level and a razor blade INSTANTLY destroyed me, anyway cool game. This is what flash is for. Skill world was n00b world but still a 10 because theres so much other stuff.

This is Awesome!

The Puzzle levels had the most silly stuff and there's silly stuff in the Skill Area.

Maze levels are hard.

This is my level!

0,1,Act fast!,-018,232,212,8,774,-013,309,155 ,7,1,-013,128,24,1,7,-014,125,76,-178 ,-011,118,245,59,1,6,180,-018,359,295 ,2,102,-018,410,235,110,30,-018,457,2 90,12,114,-018,411,338,104,14,-016,43 6,267 Hint: If you act very fast you can go through the black walls! Also you should post comments on your levels!

mah levl:

0,2,impossible,-01,464,106,597,1,8,-5 1,-01,161,94,597,1,8,45,-015,180,305,
3,12,-015,203,325,3,12,-015,230,338,3 ,12,-015,257,332,3,12,-015,285,337,3,
12,-015,303,332,3,12,-015,329,334,3,1 2,-