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Reviews for "Cursor Attack 4"

Good, but

The basic gameplay was really fun and addicting. However, I thought that some of the skill and maze levels were too difficult. They didn't seem to be much related to the other levels except that they involved a cursor. As a game in themselves I could like them, but in this game it was a lot of work to learn some skills for use in only a few levels. But again, good gameplay and a solid 8/10.

old scholl

this kind of games is why i am woking with flash. just can't stop play. simple and fun. the worlds idea is making the game so uniqe and versatile and anyone can find something to pkay or do in that game. 10/10 because it is no.4 and still it make you feel like it your first time, or like madona said: "like a virgin..."

Very good concept!

I really like your creativity, nice job

Fun Game

It's definately challenging as you progress but it's fun it has a lot of unique levels.

This is Awesome!

The Puzzle levels had the most silly stuff and there's silly stuff in the Skill Area.

Maze levels are hard.