Reviews for "Cursor Attack 4"

This is my level!

0,1,Act fast!,-018,232,212,8,774,-013,309,155 ,7,1,-013,128,24,1,7,-014,125,76,-178 ,-011,118,245,59,1,6,180,-018,359,295 ,2,102,-018,410,235,110,30,-018,457,2 90,12,114,-018,411,338,104,14,-016,43 6,267 Hint: If you act very fast you can go through the black walls! Also you should post comments on your levels!

Fun Game!

Why is a Game for Teen?
But a good game and rate ten! 10/10!

Good game

Good game, some stages were easy, some hard, but all fun. And CERTAIN bosses were specially hard, but when I finally cleared the game I felt really good...
Just one hint thought: Giving bosses hard-to-dodge one-hit-kill moves can make a game go from hard to frustrating.

Really cool idea.

Its an intresting idea for a game. Very fun. Keep having ideas like this. :)

Good, but

The basic gameplay was really fun and addicting. However, I thought that some of the skill and maze levels were too difficult. They didn't seem to be much related to the other levels except that they involved a cursor. As a game in themselves I could like them, but in this game it was a lot of work to learn some skills for use in only a few levels. But again, good gameplay and a solid 8/10.