Reviews for "Twilight : Hairy Moon"

the music it is very awsome :)

its hard to click play with the epic title music ;)


That's what a strap-on is for.


It would've been better if you killed Edward somehow.

Fairly funny

This was a good submission and I especially liked it because the animation was really impressive. While there was not that much action, it's still nice to look at. What was also cool was how the voices were done. Edward seemed so deadpan and Jacob rightfully seemed nervous. There are so many parodies of "Twilight" on Newgrounds it seems like they should have their own section. Hey, the "Pokemon" collection depicts the characters being killed so why not one for Twilight? It seems to deserve more hate than Pokemon.

The best line was probably when he talked about nothing making sense. Yeah, there are vampires and werewolves but you have to put in some logic somewhere. I am surprised those shorts are not torn or anything. I guess they must be brand new. The things I did not like was how it was a bit too short and a little hard to understand.

hey.... wait....

he cant bang bella right? vampires are dead... so no blood flow.... get it? twilight sux btw