Reviews for "Mista Rabbit"

Needs work

Very bad story line. extremly annoying vocie. This is a bad example for anima.


i do like random humor i guess....

satanic and sexist much?

im quite distrubed by the way you portrayed this animation. your use of the female figure to simply use and then dispose of is quite ofencive. as the male lead does some thing wrong (we asume as much any way) her normal reaction is present to him her emotions and in return you, the writer and animator, just take her out of the picture (an other example would be oh i dont know, Devorice?). and the Male just keeps on.
you sicken me. in this day and age women sould not be portrayed as meager house wives. and then disposed of as if they were nothing.

funymony responds:

Can you imagine what the "male lead" will have to deal with now?
The love of his life completely gone, kids to raise and manage all on his own.

He will live struggling with depression, for years he will curse god and religion,
He'll try to drown the pain with alcohol but he can't hide from the fact that the only
thing that kept him going is gone...

For once he will finally understand the true meaning of love.