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Reviews for "Blox!"

Simple but fun

Simple but fun
The music is a little distracting from the game, though.

batterytime responds:

Just mute it then. :P


I've heard the name but this game is different...nice little game

very good

very good game should have more powerups maybe a store and a change gravity powerup maybe but still good game.keep the good work :-)

Great Game.

First off, i love these kinds of games. I like your own twist on it, too. This game incorporates lots of different mechanics that i haven't seen before. Like the phisics and health are great touches on the formula. Only complaints is that some of the powerups were brutal, or not balanced. My only suggestion is that you watch people play and record how the powerups affect them and the gameplay. Also, the health drops too fast. Again, my only suggestion is adding a recovery system (not powerup, allways recovering), and watching people play it. BUT this still is an amazing game. Just a few cool touches, like have levels, and maybe have levels w/ physics and w/out physics. Graphics are solid, but could use a few touch ups. Love the game. Keep it up.

good Game

You might want to drop a few more good power ups to balance out all the bad power ups.